SLEEP TIDY in the press

We are happy to be mentioned regularly in professional journals.

(Headlines translated)

March 2018

Issue 01-2018, p. 30:
Innovation: Professional mattress cleaning adapted to the specific needs of hotels and tourist accommodation to enhance the well-being of the guest. Cleaning on-site, fast and without chemicals – no contamination of the rooms and the least possible operational interruption. Sleeping comfort through professional mattress cleaning


April 2018

Issue 02-2018, p. 24 – 25:
The new era of healthy sleep: With the first mobile mattress cleaning service, SLEPP TIDY sets new hygiene standards in the hotel industry for healthy, restful sleep.


MAY 2018

NEW BUSINESS – Das Magazin für Unternehmer
Issue 04/2018, p. 32 – 33:
Whether on vacation or on business trip: As a guest you can expect the best and most thorough cleaning of hotel beds. A start-up takes mattress hygiene to a new level.


Juni 2018

Issue PRIMUS Wirtschafts-Spezial 4. Juni 2018, p. 10:
Start Up: Klagenfurt invention revolutionises the hotel market
Patrick Zirngast invented a mobile cleaning system for hotel beds. After a long construction period, the system now had its baptism of fire.