The Hotel Beds

The Hotel Bed

A highly appreciated permanent vacation for mites!

Mites are pleased with fast and sound housekeeping:
Sleep Tidy - Reinigungslkw am Weg zum Kunden

  •  The faster the bed is made, the better the remaining warmth is conserved – mites just love 25 ° C.
  • Thus, the moisture remains in bed – at 75 % relative humidity mites enjoy a relaxing day.
  • The lack of direct sunlight prevents mites from sunburns.
  • Mites honor limited ventilation of rooms with *****.
  • Frugal: One single costumer’s night provides sufficient food for a whole month. Even company’s holidays are no match for mites.
  • Insidious: If vacuumed away, they spread out their droppings all over the room …

These permanent tenants have to be thrown out on a regular basis!

Roughly 98 % of the mattresses and upholstered furniture are covered in filth.

Even non-allergic persons are affected.

Sleep Tidy - erschrockene Milbe auf verschmutzter Matratze

  • Poor sleep
  • Redded and watery eyes
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Itchy and runny nose
  • Cough, rash
  • Dyspnea (for heavy allergy sufferers)

Costumers rate sleeping quality reflexively as bad.

The SLEEP TIDY-Cleaning Service.

An investment that pays off!
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