Hygiene for Mattresses

SLEEP TIDY - erschrockene Milbe auf verschmutzter Matratze

High-performance mattress cleansing for hotels and residential operations.

Roughly a third of our lives, we spend in bed. For this reason, especially during the holidays, we want to find the necessary rest. Utmost hygiene is a top priority for hotels and residential operations.

Your guests are entitled to a reliably clean mattress so they may enjoy their sleep, devoid of any of the negative impacts from overused mattresses: worse, little regenerative sleep, reddened eyes, itchy nose, in the worst case: breathing difficulties.

Even people who are not suffering from allergies may be affected as mite feces are being dispersed by sleep movements, leading to irritations of the respiratory tract.

Approximately 98 % of the mattresses and upholstered furniture are covered in filth. With SLEEP TIDY – the professional mattress cleaning service – you resolve these problems and guarantee your guests what they deserve most: utmost well-being.

For: … a relaxing vacation begins with a good night’s sleep!