Our Cleaning System.

Patented* deep cleansing without chemical additives!

Our cleaning process comes without chemical additives and will not create unpleasant odors in your rooms … Our Sleep Tidy-SPVs clean your mattresses and upholstered furniture on site, outside of the rooms and buildings.

In an automated 4-step-cleansing process up to 30 mattresses are cleaned within the hour. Even larger establishments enjoy prompt treatment.

Dust, hair follicles, dandruff, mites (feces), and salts (perspiration and urine) are no match for our innovative deep-cleaning. Bacteria, as mold, will be killed off.

(* patent pending)

Surface treatment

High intensified UV-C-Light inactivates more than 99.95 % of bacteria and mold on the surface (3.000 % of the dose killing influenza-viruses).

Specialty vacuuming

A specialty high-quality vacuum removes on both sides the organic residue out of the mattress, in short, freshly aired-out!

Deep treatment

Our self-developed deep-cleansing system destroys organisms in the deep layers of the mattress. We rely on natural active oxygen and refuse to use chemicals – to protect the environment, without any side-effects, and for the well-being of your guests – through and throughout a spotless outcome.

The finale

To wrap it up the mattress will be given thermal deep treatment: To sustainably diminish the dampness of the mattress, we heat it up so that the surface temperature reaches well over 65 degrees Celsius.

Optionale dezente Beduftung

For: ... a relaxing vacation begins with a good night’s sleep!

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