Der Kaiserhof ****, Ried im Innkreis

You can rest assured: Mattresses in this estabishment are periodically cleaned to the highest standards using the patented SLEEP TIDY deep cleaning system.

Did you know that you spend about a third of your life in bed? For this reason alone, it is extremely important to ensure optimal sleep comfort. The 4-star Hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried therefore pays special attention to your well-being during your sleep. Above all, the highest level of hygiene plays a crucial role.

The best for your sleep comfort during your stay in Ried
During your stay at the Hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried, you will fall asleep with peace of mind and wake up in the morning with a very relaxing recovery. This is made possible by demonstrably clean mattresses with the mattress cleaning process SLEEP TIDY. In the evening, therefore, snuggle up in the bed of your highly comfortable hotel room with a particularly clear conscience.

Best sleep also for allergy sufferers at the hotel in Ried
At the Hotel Der Kaiserhof in Ried, mites have no chance. Due to a high-quality anti-mite cover of the mattresses, you sleep as an allergy sufferer deeply relaxed and without any annoying discomfort. In addition, you will feel the high comfort of an innovative deep-cleaned mattress with SLEEP TIDY. Other sleep-inducing extras such as sleep masks or yoga mats provide even faster relaxation during your stay in Ried. Sleeping is much better in Ried in Upper Austria!